Management and operations of Archives for London

Archives for London has been incorporated as a company limited by guarantee (Archives for London Ltd), whose aims and objectives have been drafted to conform to charitable objectives. The objectives are “to advance the education of the public and to further any other purpose which may be charitable… and which relate to the establishment, maintenance, operation and development of archives (which are either public or from which the public may benefit) and related services and activities in the London region.”

The operation of AfL have been set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company, and in the Company bylaws.

Download Memorandum and Articles of Association
Download By Laws


Membership of AfL is open to individuals and corporate and incorporate bodies concerned with archives or local history in London. Members include archivists, conservators, information and record managers, local history librarians and users of archives held in the London area.

Membership by a corporate or incorporate body entitles all its members whose work or activity is concerned with archives, or related areas to become members. Individual and institutional members have different voting rights. For information about subscription rates and voting rights visit our membership page.

The subscription year runs from 1 April to 31 March.


AfL arranges activities, communications and meetings for its entire constituency, but also supports specialised activities and groups. There is provision for the organisation of sections of AfL for practitioners and users.


The governing body of AfL is the Board, made up of up to 14 directors or trustees.

Current members of the AfL Board are:

  • Anne Barrett – Chair, (Acting Treasurer)
  • Ruth MacLeod – Vice Chair
  • Jeff Gerhardt – Membership Secretary
  • Tina Morton
  • Jane Insley
  • Sarah Radford
  • Siân Wynn-Jones
  • Lauren Harvey
  • Roger Cohen
  • Geoff Pick

Election to the Board is at the annual general meeting.

AfL Meetings

AfL Board meetings take place every six weeks.

The AfL AGM takes place annually in September. Download the latest Chairman’s Report

Sections and groups

AfL also operates teams and specialist sections to help support its work, notably the organisation of monthly seminars, visits and an annual conference.

Rights of nomination to Museums, Libraries and Archives (MLA) London

AfL is the principal archive domain partner of MLA London, one of the nine regional agencies for museums, libraries and archives in the MLA partnership. AfL has the right to nominate three members to the Board of MLA London. These three members are elected to serve at the AfL AGM by the membership there present.