Our history

Archives for London (AfL) was formed in 2005 as the successor body to the Greater London Archives Network, London Archives Users Forum and the London Archives Regional Council.

Greater London Archives Network

The Greater London Archives Network (GLAN), founded in 1982, was originally founded as a forum for all those working in London local authority archives. GLAN later expanded its remit to all those working in the care of archives and local studies in the Greater London area.

AfL has continued work on two GLAN publications AfL; London Local archives: a directory of local authority and other record offices and libraries in London, and Greater London History Sources (copies are available from Camden Local History and Archives). Updated versions of these publications will be promoted to AfL members when they are available.

GLAN was wound up in 2005. Its records have been deposited at Hackney Archives (not yet available for consultation).


London Archive Users Forum

The London Archive Users Forum (LAUF) was founded in 1988 for all users of archives in London, Its publication Researching London’s Houses by Colin Thom was published by Historical Publications in 2005 (ISBN 1905 286 007).

LAUF received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for an A2A (Access to Archives) project. The Place in the Sun project saw the indexing of the Sun Fire Office policy registers 1811-35 deposited at the Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section – see http://www.history.ac.uk/gh/sun.htm

LAUF was wound up in 2006. Its records have been deposited at London Metropolitan Archives .


London Archives Regional Council

The London Archives Regional Council (LARC) was established in 1999, as one of the nine new English regional archives councils under the auspices of the National Council on Archives.

LARC managed and produced the initial London regional archives strategy Out of the Past into the Future (2001), and managed the post of regional archives development officer until the formation of ALM London (later MLA (Museums Libraries and Archives Council) London).

Funding for regional archive councils came from Re:source, later MLA. It ceased at the end of March 2004 and was wound up in 2006.

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